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Share price performance & Dividend

Share price performance


Closing price at December 29, 2017: €154.45
Stock market capitalization at December 29, 2017: €7,749m
+ high (during trading): €169.90
+ low (during trading): €115.70
Annual average (closing price): €145.896
Average last 30 prices in 2017: €154.185
Average daily trading volumes (Euronext, in shares): 53,452



Meeting on February 27, 2018, the Board of Directors proposed the distribution of a dividend of €2.00 per share in respect of the 2017 financial year, up 16.3%. The increase reflects both the excellent performances in 2017 and the Board’s confidence in the outlook for the Group and in its ability to continue integrating WMF in the best conditions. For shareholders having held shares under the registered form for more than 2 years, the dividend will be increased by a loyalty bonus of 10%, taking the total dividend to €2.20 per share (for holdings below 0.5% of the capital).

The coupon detachment date is set for May 21 and the dividend will be paid on May 23, 2018.